The Benefits of Losing 10% of Your Body Weight

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Are you overwhelmed when you step on the scale these days or
is that something you avoid until it is annual physical time at the doctor’s
office? Many people who need to lose a lot of weight perceive it as such a
formidable task that they can’t wrap their head around it enough to even take
that first step. I’ve heard people say, “Let’s see, I’m at 200 pounds right now; I’d like to lose about 50 pounds. That will take me… (wheels are a’spinning in their head and then their head starts spinning) …over a year. I know being overweight isn’t a good thing health-wise, but I don’t think I can diet for an entire year!”

Well, I’ve got some great news! Losing just 10% of your body weight, for example, 25 pounds if you weigh 250 pounds, 18 pounds if you weigh180 pounds, etc., may produce the following immediate health benefits:

Risk of Type 2 Diabetes and Certain Cancers Are Lowered – Losing 10% of your body weight helps to lower blood sugar levels and helps the body to more capably regulate sugar and insulin levels. According to the website, Weight Loss For All, “more than 80 percent of people with diabetes are overweight or obese.” Additionally, certain types of cancer such as gallbladder, prostate, kidneys, breast and colon, are strongly linked with being overweight or obese.

Risk of Heart Disease Is LoweredEven losing a small amount of weight can result in lower blood pressure and lower levels of cholesterol and fatty triglycerides. These decreases, in turn, result in decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as congestive heart failure, stroke, abnormal heart rhythms, and heart disease. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute has concluded that, “losing just 5 to 10 percent of your current weight over 6 months will lower your risk for heart disease and other conditions.”

Energy Levels Are Increased – Losing 10% of your body weight helps to increase your energy levels since you will automatically become more active as your physical mobility increases.

Sense of Well-being Is Increased – In response to your accomplishment, your sense of self-confidence, motivation and mood, are all on the rise. You look better, feel better, can move easier, and are more comfortable in your clothes. This positive reinforcement spurs you on!

Ready for some more good news? – Most people can lose 10 percent of their body weight in just ONE ROUND of the Pounds and Inches Away Weight Loss System. That’s right, participants who closely follow the plan typically lose 20-30 pounds in about a month. So, if you’re looking for lots of bang for your buck, take a look at the Pounds and Inches Away System. Remember, don’t think about getting down to the weight you were when you graduated from school, got married, or got pregnant with your first baby. For now, just tackle the “sweet spot”, that first 10 percent of your body weight!