101 Worry-Free Diet Recipes Book

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The 101 Worry-Free Diet Recipes by Linda Prinster and Leanne Mennemeier is book is a lifesaver for anyone looking for recipes. This recipe book can help maximize the variety in the normal boring routine of the low calorie plan.

This cookbook has over 101 recipes for snack and meal ideas such as salad recipes, soup recipes, vegetable recipes, fruit recipes, entree recipes and so much more!

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5 reviews for 101 Worry-Free Diet Recipes Book

  1. Anonymous

    Great book to get started.Central HOTEL

  2. Lu Ann Briscoe

    I used it the first time I did HCG. Couldn’t have done without it. This one was for a friend.

  3. Anonymous

    Bought the book to have a lot more variety on my round, it’s a good book and has some good ideas, but I don’t think paying $19 was worth for reading the same recipe a couple times where it only changes from beef to chicken, or a recipe that says “Cucumbers and X seasoning: Mix and Serve” and a couple more like this.

    Good book if you are doing this for the first time and have absolutely no idea what to cook, but for the price it should have had more things or recipes that are not extremely obvious.

  4. Sandy

    This is very helpful- my husband and I are one this together and this answered a lot of our questions – has great charts and suggestions. Thank you for printing it

  5. Tom

    An excellent book to assist in making satisfying meals within the limitations of the Phase 2 – HCG Diet Protocol. I also like the tips and additional information given in this book that allowed me to solve many of the little problems that come up and stay on strack during Phase 2 of the diet. I bought the book after starting Phase 2 and wished I had gotten it when I ordered the HCG drops.

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