Weight Loss Cure Guide – English

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The Weight Loss Cure Guide, by Linda Prinster, is also known as the “Red Book” or the “Bible”. The Weight Loss Cure Guide is the #1 best resource when preparing for, getting through, and navigating the ins and outs. 

This book will prove to be an invaluable resource in maximizing your weight loss with its helpful information and the food list of over 1000 foods, beverages, and condiments and in which phases they are allowed, cautioned, or disallowed.

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7 reviews for Weight Loss Cure Guide – English

  1. Cindy L.

    This book and one other is the only book I ever had with my HCG….on information on what to eat..this was sooooo very helpful and easy to read..thanks

  2. James R. K.

    This is a very detailed guidelines to using HCG. Almost too much info, lol. I would recommend to anyone considering the use of HCG. Side note: go w/homeopathic drops.

  3. JR (New York, NY)

    The diet itself with great information on the hcg diet is excellent, and the guide….incredible! The ease of learning the HCG diet through hints and charts in the guide saved valuable time and eased any frustration, this the is only book that showed me what the hcg diet was really about. I suggest this guide for anyone thinking about trying the HCG, it breaks down how to reach successful results in a way that anyone can understand, I realized that the hcg diet was for me after reading this book. The diet has improved my quality of life, I lost a significant amount of weight, up to 25 pounds on the HCG diet and am getting ready to start a 2nd round. The HCG guide will be at my side the entire time! GET IT NOW!

  4. Cathy S.

    If you are considering the HCG protocol, this is a must have. The guide provides everything you need to know including Dr. Simeon’s original manuscript & protocol. If you want to use HCG most effectively, order your copy today.

  5. Diane Catt

    Exactly what I needed. Easy read, easy to follow and chock full of information to help you reach your goal.. Would recommend to others.

  6. David K. S.

    I have now completed 3 rounds of HCG, lost over 90 pounds, and reset my metabolism. Best system to achieve these goals by far, Prinster makes the very specific requirements for success clear.

  7. Rose P.

    It was more than I expected.

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