Budget Diet Book Set


The Budget Diet Book Set includes our two most popular selling books, the Weight Loss Cure Guide and the 101 Worry-Free Diet Recipes book. These two books will prove themselves to be invaluable before, during, and after. Weight Loss Cure Guide by Linda Prinster – here you will find all the information on getting started, a chart of over 1,000 foods, drinks, and condiments stating whether or not it is allowed, a complete copy of the manuscript, FAQs, and much more. 101 Worry-Free Diet Recipes by Linda Prinster and Leanne Mennemeier – In this book, you will find over 100 recipes for entrees, sides, condiments, soups, salads, “desserts,” and more that are perfectly allowable. The authors were VERY strict in making everything protocol-compliant with the manuscript.

The Budget Diet Book Set Includes:

•    (1) Weight Loss Cure Guide (Linda Prinster)
•    (1)101 Worry-Free Diet Recipes book (Linda Prinster & Leanne Mennemeier)

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions0.5 × 7.75 × 9.5 in
Cure Guide

P2 Cookbook

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  1. Rita

    These books are awesome… will not find anymore out there

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