Diet Essential Book Set


This Essential Book Set Includes several of the best books available on the market today. This Book Set includes:

  • The Weight Loss Cure Guide
  • 101 Worry-Free Diet Recipes book
  • My Tracker. 

These books include several of the best recipes, best tips, best tricks, and best information. Please read the following below to learn more about each book that is including in the Kit. 

Weight Loss Cure Guide (Linda Prinster)

The Weight Loss Cure Guide, also known as the “Red Book” or the “Bible,” is the #1 best resource when preparing for, getting through, and the low calorie stages along with navigating the ins and outs of maintenance. This book will prove to be an invaluable resource in maximizing your weight loss on the Pounds and Inches Away Plan with its helpful information and the food list of over 1000 foods, beverages, and condiments along with when they are allowed, cautioned, or disallowed.

101 Worry-Free Diet Recipes Book (Mennemeier & Prinster)

The 101 Worry-Free Diet Recipes book is a lifesaver for anyone looking to maximize the variety in their meals. This cookbook has over 100 recipes for salads, soups, vegetables, fruits, entrees and so much more!

My Tracker (Prinster)

The My Tracker is a workbook you can use to help track your progress through the plan. It can become a very helpful resource by letting you see patterns in your weight loss and by showing you which foods you’re eating or products you’re using that may be causing you to stall or gain. Plus, you’ll read daily inspirational quotes to keep you motivated along the way.

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1st My Tracker

Cure Guide

P2 Cookbook


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