I Have a Vision!

New Year’s Day has come and gone. Most people have
formulated a mental list of resolutions to implement in the next 366 days
(that’s right, we get a little extra time this year!) Some people have even gone so far as to write
their resolutions or goals down. I suggest that you take it one step farther
and make a vision board.

A vision board is a collection of pictures, images, drawings
and affirmations of your goals, dreams and things that bring you happiness and
peace. A vision board can serve as a useful tool to aid you in conceptualizing
your goals and serve as a source of motivation as you strive to achieve those
goals. There is nothing magical about it. Athletes have been using visualization for
years to improve their performance; visualization works!

Creating a Vision Board:

1. Things you will need: glue, scissors,
markers, magazines, and a poster board that is as big as you want. Keep in mind
that you’ll be displaying it in a place where you’ll see it every day, several
times during the day.

2. Think about what your goals are in the
arenas of personal growth (spiritual, social, educational), health, job,
relationships, finances, and travel.

3. Look through the magazines and cut out
pictures, headlines, phrases and words…things that motivate you and inspire
you. Put them in a pile – no gluing just yet.

4. Find a great picture of yourself looking
radiantly happy and place this photo in the middle of your board.

5. Arrange (and, if you’re like me,
rearrange several times) your clippings until you feel you have everything just
the way you want it before pasting them on the board. You can write or paint on
your board. Be creative and have fun with it.

6. Display your board in a spot where
you’ll see it every day. This board is a reminder of what you hope to
accomplish in 2016 and seeing it every day will keep these things at the top of
your mind, helping you to maintain your motivation and focus.

Last year my husband and children
joined me in this activity and that was lots of fun. We had magazines and art
supplies sprawled all over the living room floor and each person made their own
vision board. That was good quality time and definitely a “bonding experience”.

Have a happy and prosperous new year!