40 Day Pounds and Inches Weight Management Package (Alcohol Based)


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Included with this Product:

  • (1) 2 oz bottle of Pounds and Inches Away Drops* (40 day supply) (Alcohol Based)
  • Oral Syringe
  • Quick Start for the Self-Starter Pounds and Inches Away Weight Management Manual
  • My Diary (journal for low calorie and maintenance phases)
  • Access to our Weight Management Experts by Phone or E-mail
  • Free Download of Dr. Simeons’ Manuscript


You’ll also receive a FREE Diet Safe Sample Kit including:

  • 4 Simple Girl Seasoning Samples
  • 1 Tiffalina’s Personal Care Sample
  • 1 Stevia Sample

 These Pounds and Inches Away Drops are to be used in conjunction with Dr. Simeons’ original Diet Protocol for typical weight loss of 20-30 lbs in 30-40 days. This 2 oz bottle of Pounds and Inches Away Diet Drops will last you about 40 days when measuring .4 cc three times per day on the diet.

The Pounds and Inches Away Diet Safe Sample Kit includes samples of those items considered essential by dieters. Fats and oils are not allowed on the diet; not in the mouth or on the skin! These products were specifically formulated for the diet and give you the chance to try a little before you buy a lot.

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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions3.25 × 6.75 × 9.25 in

30 reviews for 40 Day Pounds and Inches Weight Management Package (Alcohol Based)

  1. Jscott

    I have used this product to assist me in losing 35 pounds from 2 April until today 27 April. This product has helped me maintain my 500 calorie intake by eliminating any issues with hunger or feeling overwhelmed/tired. It takes effort to stick with the program and the booklet and Dailey tracker certainly help.

  2. LPH

    I really love this product. I’ve used it 2 times now and lost 40 lbs the first time on a 3 week round. I am 2 weeks in to the 2nd round and down another 20 lbs .

  3. Michelle

    I used HCG years ago to lose weight easily, and I’m glad to have found it again. I love that I don’t feel frantic about wanting to eat everything in sight. My husband can eat a meatball sub, and I’m like- smells good, not tempted. I absolutely love the HCG Diary that comes with it. It keeps tracking quick and results easy to see. Thanks again for this wonderful true HCG product.

  4. AB

    Great product that works.

  5. Brianna

    I have never been a “big” girl until after I got married. I started to pack on the pounds from eating out all the time and never going to the gym so naturally I gained weight! I have gained over 80lbs in the last few years and no diet has EVER worked for me until this one. I am on day 18 and have officially lost 20lbs! I am feeling great and I am already feeling so much more confident in my body! It is the best diet you could ever do!

  6. SUSAN


  7. Anonymous

    Several years ago, my doctor prescribed hCG for me. I followed the protocol and lost 30+ lbs.
    This time, I’m trying the non-prescription hCG drops. It works as good as the prescription does. I’m on day #: 12, not hungry, and loosing an average of 0.75 lbs per day.

  8. Onery1

    I have thyroid problems and use the hcg drops when I gain weight of 20+ pounds and it works like a charm. I don’t like that you have purchase a kit now.

  9. Carole

    Wondering if this is real HCG.

    Pounds and Inches Away Response:

    Hello, yes our HCG drops start with real, human form prescription, HCG that has been formulated according to homeopathic standard processes. Homeopathy is based on both physical ingredients that you can see and resonance/frequencies that you cannot see. Ingredients are put into a liquid, alcohol medium for preservation. While some homeopathic remedies do not start with the physical proponents, but only include the frequencies of the proponents in a formula, the HCG formula we handle does start with the prescription HCG used for HCG injections.
    Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. 🙂

  10. Deborah Mann

    I’ve used these products and they work. However, I’m a bit miffed that two days after I paid $125 there was a 25 discount offered and after that a 20.17 discount. I’ll have to think about finding a different source for future orders.

    Pounds and Inches Away Response:

    We’re sorry to hear the sale had started 2 days after you had placed your order. Our sales are rather infrequent but please know that if a customer misses a sale by a day or two, either before the sale starts or after it ends and brings it to our attention, we will usually honor that sale (exceptions being Black Friday or similar). We have issued a credit for the $25.00 off the order you placed. We appreciate your business Deborah and I enjoyed hearing about the continued ongoing success you have had with the diet and maintenance over the last few years.

  11. Linda

    This program is awesome and this packet gets you started off on the right foot.

  12. Tina L.

    I lost a lot of weight in 2010 on HCG (95 lbs in 8 months) maintained it for 2 years but went back to old habits and in past 3 years gained about 70 of it back, but diet did not fail, I failed maintenance. But I learned an important lesson and it won’t happen this time. I am on my journey again finishing up my 2nd round 50 lbs down!! It still works, I feel great and my medical labs are better than ever.

  13. Anonymous

    Follow the diet rules and your body will change!

  14. Cindy

    Starting my last week on HCG and I’m down over15lbs! If you can follow the protocol, definitely is the best weight loss product I have ever used!

  15. Anonymous

    I have been using this product now for about 3 weeks. The results are amazing!
    Losing weight is every woman’s dream! This product is a wonderful way to start that dream!

  16. Peg

    I was in a stalled weight loss status for over a week. I now believe it was the other drops I was on. One day with Pounds and Inches and Boom, back on track! Thank you so much!

  17. Tami

    I am a 53 Y.O. woman, 5’1″. Started out at 160 pounds. I was watching carbs & not able to lose weight on 1500 cal. diet with an active lifestyle. I started this HCG diet 27 days ago, and have lost 20 pounds and I feel great. All my aches and pains have gone away too – AMAZING; probably because I am not eating white sugar which causes inflammation. I have not been working out at all, but have continued working my job as a RN where I am on my feet 8.5 hours a day with no breaks most days. I have had plenty of energy, and have not felt faint, shaky, light headed, or any other symptoms of low blood sugar. This diet is unforgiving if you try to cheat, you will not lose weight, and may even gain weight. It still takes a lot of will power, but if you stick strictly to the diet, (not even a taste of sugar) it really works. I’m happily looking forward to dropping another 20 or 30 pounds.

  18. Brittany

    I love this product! It wasnt easy by any means, but it was WORTH It!! I did the diet and drops for 35 days! I lost 53 pounds!! I went down 4 pants sizes and 2 shirt sizes.. I was so scared that i was going to have a bunch of saggy skin.. but i didnt!!! I would recommend this to anyone who has the want and will power to do it!

  19. Cgittins

    I ordered the 2 oz bottle of HCG (alcohol based) I was skeptical at first, but after the first 2 days of using it. My cravings went any and I couldn’t believe how the pounds melted away. On my 40 day routine I lost 27 lbs on the scale I gained 25 lbs of lean muscle and lost 52 lbs of fat. It is great!

  20. Anonymous

    The drops are great, but it would be great to have a pill to swallow once a day instead of sublingual HCG. There is a clinic in St Louis that has a pill that they take once a day. If possible, this would be a big improvement of the diet. I am losing slowly. Have lost 7 pounds in two weeks. Hope to keep it off after the VLCD ends. Will continue until I reach my goal of 13 pounds lost.

  21. Lisa DiPasquale

    I have been doing the drops since Apr 5th..my progess is coming along but slowly, I expected more on the first week. I feel hungrier than expected but so far I would say that the taste is fine and overall am satisfied. I would like some other option besides holding under the tongue for 2 whole minutes though.

  22. sabrina(NY)

    I have tried other drops for considerably less money with some, results but gained all of the weight back. When I found this website I was skeptical because real hcg is hard to find. I started my first round weighing 179 and ended it at 157. I am now currently starting another round in hopes to reach 130lbs. 1st week at 162lbs(after gorge days) now I am at 151 and it is only week 1. I am certain I will reach my goal this time around. Thank you for this product.

  23. Lu Ann Briscoe

    I have taken HCG before. This was the best. I didn’t get hungry at all and I think the cell salts and B12 had something to do with it.

  24. Laura

    I do not like the taste of the new formula. It’s too sweet and leaves an after taste of artificial sweetener. Very disappointed!

  25. Anonymous

    Day 8 I have Lost 9.5 pounds. It works. I have learned with my hunger to drink a glass of water. And remember it will pass. Think of your goal. One cheat can really mess things up.

  26. Anonymous

    I am only on day 6 so it is too early to rate. I have lost 5 pounds in the six days, so far so good. I am on HRT so it may be a slower weight loss. I am very hungry, though.

  27. Anonymous

    This does work but you cant be taking blood pressure meds or any HRT meds it does work I know I was taking Femhrt for menopause and I lost some but it blocks it some how. But the HCG does work I love it .

  28. Anonymous

    I’ve lost weight on HCG before and always gain if back over several year period. Hoping I can keep the weight off this time. I like the quick results, that encourages me daily!

  29. Anonymous

    I am following the program- not always easy, but it is working. I like seeing results– FAST! As of today on day 11, I have lost 11 pounds.

  30. Anonymous

    The diet information is very helpful. The packet is fairly complete. I love the Weekly Diary sheets. They are so convenient.

    Honestly, I hated all the salad dressings, too sweet.

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