Complete Diet Book Set


The Complete Diet Book Set includes all of the Diet books featured on our site. The Complete Diet Book Set Includes:

•    (1) Weight Loss Cure Guide (Linda Prinster)
•    (1)101 Worry-Free Diet Recipes book (Linda Prinster & Leanne Mennemeier)
•    (1) My Tracker (Tiffany Prinster)
•    (1) Pocket Guide (Tiffany Prinster & Linda Prinster)
•    (1) Over 201 Worry-Free Maintenance Recipes (Linda Prinster & Leanne Mennemeier)

In the Weight Loss Cure Guide by Linda Prinster you will find all the information on getting started, a chart of over 1,000 foods, drinks, and condiments stating whether or not it is allowed, FAQ’s and much more.

Within the 101 Worry-Free Diet Recipes by Linda Prinster and Leanne Mennemeier  you will find over 100 recipes for entrees, sides, condiments, soups, salads, “desserts,” and more that are perfectly allowable. The authors were VERY strict in making everything compliant.

The My Tracker by Tiffany Prinster is a fantastic way to track your progress keeping you motivated along the way with inspiring daily quotations. The tracker has daily pages and you can check off which foods you have eaten throughout the day. This allows you to track and see patterns in your fat loss and helps identify what may be causing you to stall or gain—an advantage that can lead to more significant weight loss overall.

The Pocket Guide by Linda Prinster and Tiffany Prinster is a portable, summarized version of the Weight Loss Cure Guide. Most importantly, it contains the complete chart of over 1,000 foods, drinks, condiments, etc. and which of those items are allowed, cautioned, or not allowed.

The Over 201 Worry-Free Maintenance Recipes by Linda Prinster and Leanne Mennemeier  book has literally more than 201 recipes that will keep your maintenance meals exciting while strictly adhering strictly to the plan.

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P2 Cookbook

Cure Guide

Pocket Guide

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