Grissini Breadsticks (Plain)


Imported from Italy, these Grissini Breadsticks are the exact breadsticks referenced in Dr. Simeons’ manuscript. They’re a tasty, crunchy carb treat while on the very low calorie phase. One breadstick is allowed with your lunch and one with you dinner each day of Phase 2. You’ll need one to two boxes to make it through.

Plain Grissini Breadsticks Ingredients: Wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, salt, yeast, malt. Contains Wheat. May contain traces of Sesame, Milk, Soy.

Plain Grissini Breadsticks Nutritional Information: Serving Size 5 Breadsticks. Calories 70, Total Fat 1g, Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 130mg, Carbs 12g, Dietary Fiber 1g, Sugar 1g, Protein 2 g. 

**Based on customer suggestions to do so, we recommend 2 boxes of breadsticks per person.**

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions1.75 × 3.75 × 9.25 in

3 reviews for Grissini Breadsticks (Plain)

  1. Anonymous

    I have found these breeadsticks to have very nice flavour, and answer the crunch cravings I encountered on hCG VLCD. I was a little disappointed to find them to be so-o-o slim, but have been very disciplined to only have the ONE allowed per serving!

    I would like to try the garlic ones, and hopefully they will be available again soon.

  2. Sandy

    I’m a big bread eater and thought these might help me through the tough time and they really do. I ususally eat 3 a couple times a week for a snack and they are great.

  3. Marilyn

    This is the second time I’ve purchased these and really do like them. They are good with salad if I want somekind of bread. Will buy again once I run out.

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